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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ashampoo Snap6 v6.0.5 full version free download

Software overview:

Ashampoo Snap 6 is the ideal solution for quick screen captures. Have the means to record and document anything you see on your screen as screenshot images and video screencasts with audio support.
Create images, tutorials, screencasts and presentations or simply share information with friends and colleagues - Ashampoo Snap 6 is your premier tool to communicate your thoughts and ideas.

With Ashampoo Snap 6, you can store your screen contents - permanently. Anything you see, Ashampoo Snap 6 can capture. Document your screen contents with ease and share valuable information with others as screenshots or screencasts.


* … unobtrusive!
Running silently in the background, Ashampoo Snap 6 does not get in the way of your daily workflow. It is always ready yet only shows up when you need it.

* … visual and intuitive!
Ashampoo Snap 6 is ideal for both beginners and experts. It features a highly readable and intuitive user-interface that makes most operations self-explanatory and the many visual cues make also more advanced multi-step processes a breeze.

* … comprehensive!
Ashampoo Snap 6 not only captures information but provides a myriad of functions and effects to add annotations and to further illustrate your point, making it ideal for educational and business settings. You can even process existing images, no additional image editor required. Once your work is finished, distribute it right from within Ashampoo Snap 6

With full multi-core support and intelligent load balancing, all modifications and effects literally appear in a snap.

Fewer clicks, more results. Thanks to our new popups, most operations are now instantly accessible, sparing you the hassle of clicking through cascades of modal dialogs.

* Real-time adjustments and live previews
Now, you can see all modifications as they happen. Feel free to experiment with different settings and present your information in style.

* Always on the safe side – Readjust with ease
As annotations and illustrations are added, already applied effects may begin to look inappropriate. With Ashampoo Snap 6, everything is readjustable. Don’t like the drop shadow you just added? Readjust it to your needs.

* Pick a color – Pick any color
Many operations and effects allow you to set individual colors. Harmony among image colors is difficult to achieve when colors are selected manually and you will therefore often want to reuse existing colors for different operations. Ashampoo Snap 6 features a new color picker that comes in two different styles, integrated and standalone.
The integrated color picker allows you to select and reuse any existing color from your current image.
The standalone color picker goes one step further and allows you to select any color visible on your computer screens. This way, you can not only establish color balance within your edited image but across other existing images.
You can even export collected colors to Adobe Photoshop compatible color profiles or export them as a single PNG color palette image for easy reviewing. The most recent color is automatically exported to your system clipboard as a HEX string (e.g. #FBCDAD) for quick access.

* Capture bar – Less disruptive, more features
The new capture bar uses a smaller activation area and sits at the top-right of your screen by default. This makes erroneous activation less likely and causes less disruptions in your daily workflow. Furthermore, the bar now features a toggle button to switch between single- and multi-shot capture modes as well a button for the new standalone color picker tool.

* Video capturing
With Ashampoo Snap 6, you can capture stills from your webcam or apply a time-lapse effect to your video recordings that is great for tutorial videos.

* One-click web-uploads – Your hub for digital images
No account or login required. It takes just a single click to upload images to the web with Ashampoo Snap 6 and create a link for you to share with others. You may also download or share the image through email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ right from the linked website.

* Improved PDF support
Ashampoo Snap 6 uses a new PDF engine to load and save PDF documents that also works on Windows Server systems.

Download links:

Download full version below:

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