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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Registry First Aid Platinum 9.1.0 Build 2157 32-64 bit

Registry First Aid is the people's choice for registry tune-up and repair.
If you are having problems with your computer or just want it to run faster and more reliably, the Microsoft Windows Registry is the place to start. So if you want to keep it fine tuned & error free, and maximize your PC performance, you've come to the right place.

For Beginners and Advanced Power Users, this is the tool for you!
Registry First Aid's unique design makes it the choice of Beginners as well as Advanced Power Users when it comes to usability and power. The ability to display safe items for beginners makes it as safe as it can get. The Power Users will love Registry First Aid's ability to ferret out and show you the deepest registry problems presented with choices on how to fix them making this the best registry repair tool available for the power users too.

Beginners and power users will find that we have the best technical support that you will ever find if you see anything that needs to be explained when using Registry First Aid.
Tired of Windows crashing? Sick of having software lock up on you or taking forever to load? The problem could be all of those incorrect registry entries caused by software installations and un-installations that went awry!
With regular use most personal computers develop large numbers of registry errors that degrade perfomance and cause error messages and/or crashes. The Boot time (start-up) is profoundly affected by a clogged Registry slowing things down. By using a registry cleaner like Registry First Aid regularly, your system will not only be more stable but it will also help improve your system perfomance without expensive hardware upgrades.
As a pioneer in registry repair and maintenance for more than ten years, Registry First Aid, developed by Rose City Software, has a long track record of finding more problems than any other registry repair program on the market. Don't be fooled by the dozens of new registry repair programs you find when searching the Internet. It takes years of fine tuning like Registry First Aid has. You won't find this in clones created for companies that throw together a quick registry program just because they have seen the success of Registry First Aid.

Time TestedRegistry First Aid, developed by Rose City Software, is one if the first registry repair tools available and with years of fine tuning has evolved into a world class program to keep your computer tuned for high performance.
Easy and Fast to UseWe listen to our users... With Registry First Aid, you have an easy to use step by step interface design that has been fine tuned with input from hundreds of thousands of users making it very effortless to use. Speed is essential with our high-performance detection algorithm that quickly identifies missing and invalid references in your Windows registry selecting them for correction or deletion.
Safe for Beginners
By flagging problems in the registry with the green, yellow and red safety levels, you know which problems you can easily correct yourself. You will find that the clones such as the ?one click fix? models and others will just plow through the registry and delete many required entries. Don't let that happen to you!
ThoroughExperience always improves performance, and Registry First Aid has that with years of experience in detecting and correcting problems. In side by side comparisons, Registry First Aid has always found more problems than the competition.
Complete Built-in Backup SystemBefore running, Registry First Aid will make a Restore Point or backup of your registry. When the registry corrections are made, a complete backup of all changes made is save and you can restore the registry to the way it was before you started as well as individual registry entries in case of a problem. This is another feature not found in many of the new programs on the registry repair scene.

New in version 9.1.0
+ support of Windows 2008;
* do not show the help message if automatic scan was started;
* language files were updated;
* create restore point only once per day, not in every session run;
+ show total size of registry hives available for Full Backup;
- bugfix: last full backup date was not loaded and cleared on exit if the program started with parameter "/autoscan";
- bugfix: incorrect sorting registry hives to defragment by clicking on column caption;
- bugfix: size of total registry bytes saved from last defragment was not remembered;

New in version 9.0.0
+ many interface changes;
+ Windows 8 compatibility;
+ new error category "Invalid Uninstall records";
* registry scan is now much faster;
+ some basic adaptation to touchscreens;
+ support of multi-monitor configurations;
* fast "open in RegEdit" functions;
+ close filter and legend forms on Escape key press;
+ new "Item Menu" button near the "Filter" button to access mouse pop-up menu items on touchscreens;
* button caption changed from "Back" to "Reset Results" after registry search to avoid confusion;
+ show paths to scan for corrections before registry scan, show "Configure" button to open the Settings dialog;
+ Registry Manage: refresh the lists on F5 key press;
+ Registry Compress: show summary sizes of used and saved registry files;
- Advanced Settings: color example interface errors are fixed;
+ Advanced Settings: option to hide statistics at the Home screen is added;
+ Advanced Settings: multiselection is added to the excluded strings, paths to scan for corrections and excluded paths lists;
* help file is updated;
* home screen adoptations for displays with large fonts;
* setup: ask to delete settings and user exclusions on uninstall;
- bugfix: full backup creation could not be canceled;
+ some language files updated;
- known bugs are fixed;

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Languages : English, Français, Magyar, Italiano, Polski, Slovenčina, Slovenščina, Español, Bosanski, Català, Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch, Nederlands, Norsk, Português (Brasil), Português (Portugal), Srpski, Suomi, 한국어, עבר×™ת, 日本語, Ελληνικά, Русский, العربية

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