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Monday, April 15, 2013

VeryPDF Flash to Image Converter v2.0 with Keygen

VeryPDF Flash to Image Converter v2.0 with Keygen

Flash to Image Converter is a powerful application, which has been designed to help users convert frames of flash to different image formats. In addition, Flash to Image Converter not only supports the batch conversion, but also can help you customize the properties of the objective images including the special effect during the conversion from Flash to image. In general, Flash to Image Converter can help you make the flash files into the diverse images with different compression modes and properties.

Convert Flash to Image with Special Effect

Key Features

Convert flash movie to images
On the main interface of Flash to Image Converter, ADD SWF File(s) can be used to add the swf files, or use the right button of the mouse to click the processing form>select Add Flash files to add the SWF files, or drag and drop the SWF files into the processing form, then these SWF files can be previewed in the preview panel by clicking the file path of the SWF files, then Options can be used to select the image format, then click OK to jump to the main panel

Support various image formats
On the main panel of Flash to Image Converter, Options is designed to help you select the formats of images: click Options > Basic Setting > click the edit-box of Convert Format > select the objective image format on the dropdown list, also, the edit-box of Compression Mode can be used to select the compression mode of images, then OK can be pressed down to close the Options panel.

Support various special image effects
Flash to Image Converter can also help users add the special effects on the images: on the main panel, click Options > Special Effect, the edit-box of Spread, Swirl, Charcoal or Paint can be used to adjust the special effects of spreading, swirling, charcoaling or painting on the images; the check-box of Monochrome or Negate Color can be used to make the monochrome images or the images of the negate color, then OK can help you finish the setting.

Features of Flash to Image Converter:

Support the variety of the conversions based on the flash files, e.g., Flash to image, SWF to JPG, SWF to GIF, SWF to JPE, SWF to JPEG, SWF to TIF, SWF to PNG, SWF to BMP, SWF to TGA, SWF to PSD, SWF to PCD, SWF to DXF, SWF to UFO, SWF to CDR, SWF to FPX, SWF to EPS.
Support preview the original flash files with different adjustments on the preview panel.
Support previewing the objective images automatically.
Support the batch conversion.
Support the different compression mode of the images, e.g., LZW, JPEG, FAX, RLE, JPEG 2000, BZip, Group4, Lossless, Zip.
Support the different dimensions and orientations of the images—the images can be resized and reversed in the horizontal and vertical directions, moreover, the images can be rotated flexibly.
Support the popular special effects on the images.
Support one key reset on the objective options.

Download Instructions By NFS
1. Click "Download Button".
2. Wait "5sec".
3. Click "Skip Ad".
4. Download and Enjoy!.

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