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Sunday, July 28, 2013


There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.Mohammad Ali Jinnah, 1944
Woman bears, breeds, feeds and brings up the whole family. The significance of woman can never be refuted in comparison to man. An educated society is reflection of an educated woman. An educated society leads to a responsible and proactive citizenry and thus, to a healthy and prosperousPakistan. So this is how, the foundation laid by a woman (mother) plays its dominancy.
In Pakistanfemale population covers around half of the total population of 180 million. Fortunately, women can be found in every sector and field in the country now flourishing andcarving out their careers. You can meet many women doctors, engineers, miners, scientists, entrepreneurs, film makers, politicians etc around yourself. So no field is left with no women there. Here, I have highlighted the names of top 10 ladies of ‘Land of the Pure’.

 1.Fatima Jinnah

  The elegant sister of Jinnah, who have been with him in all his struggles every now and then.  In addition to being                       the ardent supporter of Quaid-e-Azam, there is a dominating role played by Madr-e-Millat in  the significant Pakistan movement.  Indeed, she is a role model for all the Pakistani girls.

2. Ms. Ra’ana Liaqat Ali khan

Of course, Ms. Ra’ana Liaqat Ali khan, who doesn’t know her? The wife of country’s first prime minister, first ambassador ofPakistan, first muslim winner of human rights award, she has carved out an everlasting model for the women’s empowerment in the nation.

 3. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto

An unprecedented she-example of bravery and gallantness, Daughter of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto got martyred on 27th December, 2007, while she was campaigning for the upcoming national elections of 2008. Mohterma Benazir Bhutto was elected as a president in 1988 as a first ever woman president in Islamic history and lady chief executive in the world.

 4.Sharmeen obaid chinoy

She madePakistanwin its first oscar through her documentary ‘Saving Face’, highlighting a very solemn crime undertaken inPakistan, showing the lives of two acid-attack survivors. The issue raised by her was utmost appreciated internationally. So women have paved their path in the field of arts and culture.

5. Ghulam Sughra Solangi

Ghulam Sughra with Michelle Obama
Unfortunately, Our oblivious rural areas are still victimized with this intense gender discrimination. The man from these regions lock their women in the four walls of homeSuch a lady from khairpur Mir, Sindh who was forced into an early unsuccessful marriage and deprived of education was awarded International women of courage award 2011 recently. Unlikely other women, she started with a remarkable movement to work for the welfare of other women.

6. Arfa karim

Yes, how can I forget the genius and charming girl and youngestMicrosoft certified Professional in the world till 2008, Arfa karim represented her country at many international platforms and made it proud. It’s a pity that we lost ours young talent in January 2012 out of cardiac arrest.

 7.    Abida Perveen

The renowned folk singer who is listened and admired all across the world. The soul of her Sufiaana Kalaam moves the soul of people.  Dhundo ge ager mulko, , Dil e nadaan, main naraye mastaana, wo jo hum me qarar tha are some of her big time hits.

8. Bushra ansari

One can blindfoldly confess the talent of Bushra ansari. She is an excellent actress, comedian, mimicker, singer. Another women asset ofPakistan, she is!

9. Ms. Naseem Hameed

Another woman of pride for us, Ms. Naseem Hameed, gold medalist in Atheletes and renowned as the fastest woman of South Asia when she won the 100 meters race is also ambassador of Sports since then.


10. Veiled Lady

A veiled lady. Last but not the least, the woman of our fury-stricken and male-dominated society who gets prey to various unjust activities who asks for justice and liberty from her innocent anguished eyes, stating that ‘A woman is symbol of love and care from God on earth hence she need to be treated with reverence and not with a cruel tongue and hand‘.
Disclaimer: Don’t take my blog as a contradictory to men’s dignity. Man and woman are complimentary to each other. Success and prosperity can only be achieved if the two facets of human being; man and woman pave side by side. Cheers!

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