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Monday, July 29, 2013

Download the House of the Dead 1 PC Game Full Version

The House of the Dead is a rail shooter light gun game. Players use a light gun (or mouse, in the PC version) to aim and shoot at approaching enemies. Pistol characters' use magazines which holds 6 rounds, players are required to reload once each magazine uses. A set of torches next to the magazine of each player represents remaining health. When a player shoots damaged or civilian, one of their torches is removed. Players die when all the torches disappear. First aid packs available throughout the game that restore one torch. These are found either in the possession of civilians that the player has rescued or inside breakable objects. Similarly, there are also special items located in breakable objects that will give you a bonus for whoever shot it.
The House Of The Dead PC Game Cover | The House Of The Dead PC Game PosterThroughout the game, players are faced with many situations in which they act (or not) will have no effect on the direction of gameplay. This is shown in the opening stages of the game when a civilian would soon be thrown off a bridge to his death. If players save the civilian, they will enter the house directly through the front door, however, if the player fails to rescue civilians, the character is directed to an underground route through the sewers. If the player saved all civilians, a secret room full of life and the bonus was revealed towards the end of the game.

The House Of The Dead game

System Requirements :
  • CPU Type: Pentium
  • CPU Speed: 133 MHz
  • RAM Required: 16 MB
  • Graphics Type: SVGA
  • Graphics Resolution: 640x480
  • Color Depth: High Color
Click here to download
File Size: 21.26MB
Password: checkgames4u


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