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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Google Adsense Approval Tricks 100% Working

Hello friends ...
i have some Golden Tricks to Post here ... i have Google Adsense Approval Tricks ... so What u need to do ...
1. Make a New Email Address
2. sign Up to Blogger and Post something at Home ie. (your introduction can be posted at home)
3. Then make a new page Name "Adsense"
4. In this Page Write "his post confirms my ownership of the site and that this site adheres to Google AdSense program policies and Terms and Conditions"
5. Submit the application using your Page URL i.e. www.yourdomain.blogspot.com/p/Adsense

That's all Google will automatically thinks that they have ask u to confirm your ownership of the site ... and you will get auto approve

Here is The Second 100% working Trick of google Adsense approval :

Google AdSense Account Approval Guaranteed
1) Register for a Google Mail Account
2) Go to Ezine Articles and choose a niche (make sure it’s popular).
3) Go to Blogger.com and register a new blog, make sure the title of the blog and domain is related to the niche! And choose Blogger’s theme (they give you 6 default).
4) From Ezine Articles, open about 5 articles and copy and paste them to your blogger blog.
5) Make sure the articles are well formatted, and have space between paragraphs.
6) Most people go to google.com/adsense and signup, but the twist is to signup directly from blogger. Once you have about 5 well formatted articles then you should see “Monetize” in the tabs section.
7) Click the “Signup for Adsense”
8) 8) You will have 4 options now, choose the 1st one which is “Display ads in my sidebar and posts”, so when you fill up the form you will see Adsense advertisements right away
9) Fill in all the required details, correct details.
10) My favorite, wait about a day or two (usually less than 12 hours) and you will get approved.

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