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Monday, August 12, 2013

No Google Glass behind the Wheel in Britain

Unsurprisingly, the UK Department of Transport revealed that it favors a ban on Google Glass behind the wheel. Its representative claimed that drivers need to give their full attention to the road, so they can’t behave in a way which may stop them from observing what is happening on the road.

The UK Department of Transport is aware of the impending roll out of Google Glass and is currently in discussion with the police forces to make sure that people don’t use it while driving. The authority views Google Glass as something from the category of “careless or distracted driving”.

In the meantime, lawmakers across the pond are pondering the same problem. Nevertheless, since the United States cares about personal freedoms, banning normally doesn't go down well with the public, particularly in parts of the country where you are able to purchase a confederate flag at any petrol station.

In response, Google told that it’s just “early days” for Google Glass and that there are careful thoughts about how to design the technology, because it keeps raising new issues. However, it is doubtful that looking at what’s in front of the car while driving can be regarded as a “new issue”.

Google used to say that Google Glass and driving isn't a dangerous combination, because there are possibilities that developers could come up with applications that help drivers rather than distract them. For example, head-up displays have been in fighter jets for many years now and they are also offered as pricey options in some high-end cars. It’s only up to drivers how to use the technology – to get directions or tweet about the weather while driving.


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