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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Emma Stone Says Ryan Gosling "Has a Restraining Order Against" Her

Could La La Land be the last movie that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling make together? If the actor has anything to say about it, quite possibly.
The famous redhead joked about their longtime friendship to E! News while making her way into InStyle and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 2017 Miss Golden Globes bash in Los Angeles last night, and the actress seems to think that Gosling is getting sick of her. "He has a restraining order against me now," Stone said with a laugh. "I'm just going to have to stay like a hundred feet at everything else we do together. No, it's so much fun to work with him and I don't know if they'll let us do anything else."
But fans of the onscreen duo shouldn't worry—the star was only kidding. "The restraining order isn't real, could you tell that I was joking?" she said reassuringly. "It's not real, it's not real."

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