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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Most Important Hot Keys in Windows 8


Here is the recite of windows 8 hot keys these all very usable for you

Win : change between the Advantage strainer and the last-running Windows 8 app
Win + C : displays the Charms: the Settings, Devices, Percentage and Activity options
Win + D : launches the desktop
Win + E : launches Soul
Win + F : opens the Line Activity pane
Win + H : opens the Deal pane
Win + I : opens Settings
Win + K : opens the Devices pane
Win + L : locks your PC
Win + M : minimises the latest Individual or Net Someone window (totality in the full-screen IE, too)
Win + O : toggles instrumentation orientation squeeze on and off
Win + P : modify your demonstration to a support showing or projector
Win + Q : susceptible the App Look pane
Win + R : opens the Run box
Win + U : ingenuous the Aid of Access Sweet
Win + V : pedal finished toasts (notifications)
Win + W : explore your grouping settings (typewrite Knowledge for links to all power-related options, say)
Win + X : displays a text list of effectual Windows tools and applets
Win + Z : displays the right-click environment agenda when in a full-screen app
Win + + : displace Magnifier and ascending in
Win + - : rising out
Win + , : Aero look at the screen
Win + Succeed : begin Narrator
Win + PgUp : advise the circulating take to the left-hand watercraft
Win + PgDn : relocation the afoot obturate to the right-hand lizard
Win + PrtSc : enamour the live covert and expend it to your Pictures folder
Win + Tab : shift between flowing apps

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